May 25 2006

Land of the Midnight Sun

Summer is such a special time here in the Great Land, but it’s something else when it comes to my sleep patterns. The long daylight hours for example, our Sun Rise this morning was 3:53AM and the sunset won’t be until 11:42PM. It allows me plenty time to observe the squirrels and birds that come to our various feeders. The cameras, one at the front of the house and the other at the back have a continuous flow of birds and squirrels in and out. Which is a great pleasure to me and many others who watch the cams. Nonetheless, I’m up at the oddest hours of the morning, sometimes just due to my insomnia, others due to the rooster in my chicken coup going off at 2:00 AM in the morning, as the sun is coming up. It must drive him crazy at times too. People are always commenting on how difficult it must be to have daylight all night long, and I have to admit. It’s unnerving at times to drive through the neighbor hood at 11:00 PM at night and see people washing cars, mowing the grass or working in the yards and gardens. I enjoy the long hours of twilight, and the long golden hours for taking pictures. The sun is at such long angles that it makes for some really fine photographs. Still, it really takes it’s toll on my sleep. I don’t get a great deal when summer is here. So, here is looking at you from one of my squirrels having a very early morning snack or is it a late night dinner. I’m so sleepy, I can’t remember but please remember to look for yourself at when you up late or early and it’s dark where you live.

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