May 24 2006

The Great Alaskan Mosquito (Bug Dope)

One can always tell when summer has arrived here in the Boreal forest. With summer comes the hordes of blood thirsty ravenous mosquitoes. Yesterday was glorious weather, and the youngest daughter and her children were visiting for dinner. After dinner every evening I take a walk, and all decided to come with me. So, down the road we went. Reaching my next door neighbors yard, where he was setting grade on the fence poles he had set recently, we stopped to chat. That’s when they attacked, the blood sucking hordes. One of the funniest things you see outside in Alaska is when people are standing still talking, every once in a while someone and everyone will wave one hand around there face or head driving off the ravenous mosquito, it’s called the Alaskan Wave. Everyone does it. After a while, it’s automatic and when watching people you will see it. If you have never seen it before it can be quite hilarious until you realize what they are doing.

Standing still long enough to have a conversation is impossible, the kids immediately started to complain along with the wife and daughter. They all scurried back down the road to get the bug dope. One just doesn’t venture forth here in the Great Land without your Alaskan Perfume. Now, you have several choices of bug dope, but 100% pure deet works best. Nonetheless the lower percentage is most likely better for ones health than the pure stuff.

Now we were armed and ready to venture forth on down the road for our walk. All doing the Alaskan Wave, even if there wasn’t anyone to wave too. Just the woods and the mosquitoes. What a great evening, with the smell of mosquito repellent drifting upon the evening air Only here in the Great Land. Waving Away until next time!

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  1. Dorothy says:

    Here is what you need Bob.
    That will get rid of those pesty things. But then who is gonna do the Alaskan Wave? haha.

    That was a cute story.

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