May 13 2017

Mothers Day Secrets

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Me&Mother51-2Barbara Gilcrease

Life is a strange adventure, and things never seem to be static.  Just when you think nothing changes everything does.   People do things, you wouldn’t ever think they would do.  No matter, how well you think you know someone, you never ever really do.   Secrets, things one keeps to themselves.  Everyone has the secrets…I suppose.  
    I’m still blown away from the recent secret that came out in my mothers life, one that she carried to her grave.  How much of our lives is hidden away in closets, out of sight but not really out of mind.  How many hidden secrets do good, hidden away from the light, or do they do harm, and should be kept in the dark.  I guess it all depends upon the secret  
    Secrets, what would it take for someone to share their secrets that they locked away from view.  Would you share yours?  What does it take to bare ones soul to a loved one.  Would you share to the world and share those things kept hidden?  Is it harder on the one who is keeping secrets or those who will never know unless the secrets become known.  I guess it all depends upon the secret.  
    On this mothers day, I’m thinking of my mother and the secrets she kept.  Upon learning of a secret she kept hidden from me all these years, it just make me wonder about the unknown.  

May 10 2017

Squirrel Cam Visitor

Hello Squirrel Cam


Hello Squirrel Cam, just another day here in the desert. 

May 6 2017

Health Issue

Coming Up Roses


A run for the Roses, that’s what it is like.  To run for the finish line, having cancer and being on treatment is sort of like a race.  It’s a race for life.  I’ve been running that race and yesterday I crossed the finish line. 

I was told, that all my numbers and scans showed improvement and the cancer is retreating or being held at bay.  I will continue to stay on the treatment for the next two years and hopefully we will see even more improvement.

I’m feeling well, and doing well.  I’ll keep running.  Somewhere, back in the past BC, that’s before cancer.  I heard this story. 

Everyday, somewhere in Alaska there is a Caribou, who wakes up knowing all he has to do is outrun the fastest Wolf to survive. 

Everyday, somewhere in Alaska, there is a Wolf, who wakes up knowing all he has to do is outrun the slowest Caribou to survive. 

The moral of the story is no matter what, when the sun comes up, you better be running.